Marlène Pichler lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland. In 2023, her artistic master’s degree work was awarded the scholarship from the Alan C. and Else Harris née Treumann Foundation.

In her sensual and expressive image spaces, Marlène Pichler questions the classic opposites of materiality and immateriality, uniqueness and reproduction, perfection and immediacy and relates them to one another. Between image and space, she consistently approaches her work from a painterly perspective.

Marlène Pichler creates the images digitally using an animation program as a painting tool. The artist gives a body back to the immaterial images through various processes.

She has selected images printed on fabric or other medias using the inkjet process. With the desire for sparkling spray paint and dirty hands, the artist consciously breaks through the shiny aesthetics of the digital world and interweaves it with analogue painting to create a harmonious play of colors.

In her installations, the digital images are set in motion and projected onto fabric panels and walls. Visitors immerse themselves into spatial installations, becoming integral parts of the artwork. Marlène Pichler also sees these installations as living paintings: light paints walls and fabric panels. The prints are often inspiration for new projections and vice versa.

Kleio Profile: https://marlene-pichler.kleio.com/

Selected Exhibitions


Galerie Kriens, Einzelausstellung im Kaminraum

Venus von Muri, Klosteranlage Muri

Kunstpause, Chollerhalle Zug


KunstOff 2, Verein Winkelzug, Burgbachkeller Zug

Soft Corners Hard Clouds, Teil der Abschlussausstellung MA Kunst, Bellpark Kriens

REGIONAL LUZERN 23, Rathaus Willisau

Be embraced by glossy pink and soft blue, Hochschule Design & Kunst, Emmenbrücke


Les jours des éphémères, Lichtspieletheater Olten

Umprogrammiert – Festival zu Theater und Digitalität, Virtual Reality Lab Kleintheater Luzern x HSLU

Mal so mal so, PTTH://, Kunstpavillon Luzern

It‘s so cloudy I can barely see you, Hochschule D&K, Luzern


Plakatausstellung, Make Art Happening, ö.R. Luzern

Perfect Match, Gruppenausstellung, Galerie Kriens

Einzelausstellung DAWN, im CAI49 Emmenbrücke


Art Festival Interlaken, im Blago Bung BE

WWWERKSCHAU, HSLU D&K, hub.hslu.ch/design-kunst/wwwerkschau

957 #100 _ TOWN HO _ ON TOUR, Independent Art, Magazin on Tour, B74, Luzern & la rada, Locarno

All Inclusive, Hochschule D&K, Luzern


Der letzte Giacometti, Cash‘n‘Carry, B74, Luzern

Fetter Schinken, Hochschule D&K, Neubad, Luzern

Pop-Up, Akku Kunstplattform, Luzern


2020 – 2023

Master of Arts Hochschule Luzern / FHZ in Fine Arts

2017 – 2020

Bachelor of Arts Hochschule Luzern / FHZ in Fine Arts